BAYARD quality


The Aquaplus Entreprise label is committed to the water cycle sector through a collective quality and environmental management approach for better service to professionals, industries and consumers. This Aquaplus Entreprise label is part of the implementation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (NSSD).

ISO 14001 certified

Integrates environmental
management, ensuring compliance
with environmental requirements,
as well as our impact reduction
approach in daily actions such as
recycling of materials, waste sorting,
waste recovery, and research on
environmental impact reductions.

ISO 9001 certified

Guaranteeing a comprehensive
quality assurance system to control
all the production stages.
This certification includes three points:

  • Design
  • Industrial control
  • Marketing of complete systems for drinking water and other fluids


The Cataphoresis technology consists in immersing metallic objects in a bath to deposit a black, epoxy coating by electr olysis.


  • 100 % coating of the object’s surface
  • Uniform thickness even on parts with complex shapes
  • In compliance with NF MARK requirements
  • Granted A.C.S. (French approval for drinking water contact) as well as WRAS and Belgaqua approvals.


  • Better protection from corrosion
  • Improved impact strength
[Translate to English:] bayard cataphorese produit qualite
[Translate to English:] bayard cataphorese produit qualite