BAYARD's history



The Bayard family’s roots in the Savoy region actually go back to the start of the 19th century, a time when François “baron” Bayard, a humble locksmith in Chambery, invented a machine for manufacturing nails. It was in the parish of Mâchet, a suburb of Chambery in Savoy (then part of Italy) that his wife whose birth name was Jeannette Sylvestre gave birth to Jean-Louis Bayard on 11th December 1839. He would subsequently help his father in the tack manufacturing business that he set up. In 1880 Jean-Louis set up a small copper foundry in Lyons specialising in the production of taps for hot water bottles and then taps for wine-making equipment. He had three sons: Jean, the eldest, Joseph, the second, and Célestin, the youngest. Joseph and Célestin invented the first Bayard water hydrant fountain in around 1910. Following various quarrels, the father sold his small foundry to his accountant before his death at Villeurbanne on 12th June 1914. The eldest son, Jean, took his share of the patent rights and used them in a small business of his own in Lyons until his death in 1922. As for Joseph and Célestin, they formed a de facto partnership in the same line of business. Célestin manufactured the equipment in a small workshop while Joseph ran a sales/marketing office where he worked until his death in 1920 at the age of 48.

His wife, widowed at the age of 34 with three sons – Jean, Paul and Maurice – then decided to use her share of the patent rights herself.

Célestin used his share together with his two sons, Jean and Claude.

The years went by and the two businesses prospered – despite being in competition with each other – until 1960, the year when Maurice and Roger Bayard (Joseph’s son and Célestin’s grandson respectively) decided to merge their sales and marketing activities and set up an office in Villeurbanne which they soon outgrew. With the help of family members and their staff they both expanded the sales and production operations of the two factories, at Meyzieu and Vénissieux, until 1973 when the merger was finalised.

Maurice Bayard was appointed Chairman and Roger Bayard became General Manager. When Maurice Bayard died on 30th November 1983, Roger Bayard became Chairman and held the post until 1989. It was then Philippe Bayard (Roger’s cousin) who took over from him and held the position until 1999.

The humble nail maker in Chambery, François Bayard, is therefore the starting point of this family business which has always inspired affection and respect owing to its achievements and its concern for the welfare of its staff, customers and society as a whole.

In 1998 the TYCO group bought the BAYARD business, which was taken over by the TRITON Group in 2010 to create TALIS.