Surge anticipating valve – Series K1 41


Surge anticipating valve series K1 41, is a control valve allowing the relief of excessive upstream pressure in the event of rapid changes in flow in the network. It is involved in the event of a power failure and/or untimely shutdown of a pumping station, the excess pressure resulting from the transient mode can be dangerous for the valves at the pump outlet.
- Closes gradually when water arrives.
- Discharges excess pressure to atmosphere.

Applications :

  • The device is installed as a bypass to the discharge pipe and discharges to atmosphere.
  • To prevent untimely stoppage of a pumping operation.

Product benefits :

HYDROBLOC® PREMIUM valves give you :

  • Exceptional sensitivity and control accuracy
  • A wider operating range, in complete safety, thanks to the standard SPD device.
  • Longer service life thanks to the extensive use of 316 stainless steel.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, thanks to the position indicator, the included pressure gauges and the tap with ergonomic lever.

Range :

  • DN65 to 150 HYDROBLOC® PREMIUM range
  • PFA  25

Technical data :


  • ISO PN drilled flanges according to PFA (EN 1092-2 et ISO 7005-2 standards)
  • Working temperature : +0°C to +65°C.
  • Face-to-face dimensions to EN 558-1.
  • Sealing : Class A to standard ISO 5208-2.
  • Watertight at zero flow.
  • Supplied with position indicator.
  • Opening/Closing speed controller
  • NF EN 1074-5.
  • Setting on site.
  • Setting range HYDROBLOC® PREMIUM : 1 – 16 bar

Norms and certifications :

  • ACS
  • WRAS on components 
  • DVGW on components

Alternatives and options :

Guarantee :

  • 5 years

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