Fire hydrants GOLD finish


  • DN 80 adm. 60/65, 80, 100
  • Holding NF mark
  • PFA 16 flnages ISO PN 10/16
  • According to standards NF EN 14384/CN and NF EN 14384
  • Composite hood and outlets caps with reflective strips
  • An air-clap button pushing out if accumulated pressure before use.
  • Hood and and 360° orientable outlets  (degree by degree)
  • Exchangeable inner components
  • Complete tightness thanks to the thick valve gasket
  • Anti-hammer and anti-vibration valve guide.
  • Removable drain with protecting tube
  • Duck foot bend, with loose flange
  • Height adjustment set, before or after commissioning
  • Traffic and non traffic type
  • Other options : short hydrants for tunnels, industrial sites



  • The specific shape of the valve is anti-hammer and anti-vibration for a smooth opening/closing.
  • Thick valve gasket on the valve for easy sealing even when there are foreign bodies.



  • Long life and resisting product as we use noble materials (operating set in stainless steel, seat and valve guide in bronze)
  • Anti-corrosion protection : 250 microns inside and outside epoxy coating, on cataphoresis base
  • 10 years guarantee

Spare parts catalog on request

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