TAGUA™ 100% web asset management


With the optional RFID tag*, enjoy the benefits of TAGUA™ without investing


Asset Management 100% web solution provides you with :

  • Monitor measures and maintenance operations on you fire fighting hydrants
  • Share the functional state of your devices with all your contacts (town halls, firefighters, companies)
  • Reliable information
  • Automatical field report
  • Quickly compile your annual activity report
  • Traceability guaranty
  • Have one source of information and so traceability


TAGUA solution consists of 3 main pilars :

  • Identification of your fire fighting hydrants with GIS or RFID tag
  • Annual subscription to web site www.smart-inside.com hosting a data base up to 750 fire hydrants
  • Services to help you during deployment

TAGUA mobile application is available on Android or Windows and provides all data input and upload.

RFID : Radio Frequance Identification Device

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