TEMPO® I.L.S. - M4 30

The counting solution for your watering hydrants.


New device to detect use of Bayard washing hydrants and drawn volume rating.

  • Time stamping of openings and rating of drawn volumes
  • Knowing how/when your washing hydrants are used
  • Improvement of your network performance
  • Financial gain on uncounted volumes
  • Connection between device and terminal : automatic or manual
  • Integrable unit on existing hydrants 


This unit includes :

  • Water-tight elcetronic unit
  • Mobile reading radio/BlueTooth close range
  • WEB Software for data processing and display of recorded data



  • "walk-by" statement through radio free of any usage rights
  • Washing pavement statement : without opening the bonnet
  • Bayard Connector use : Configures the module & pushes data on the web.



  • Geolocating positions
  • Estimating of drawn volumes
  • Graphical analysis of sampling periods 
TEMPO® I.L.S. - M4 30
TEMPO® I.L.S. - M4 30