Fire protection network

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In case of fire, water remains the most widely used extinguishing agent. An adequate and immediately available water flow is vital for firefighters to save lives and protect buildings from fire.

Underground and pillar fire hydrants are used as water supply. They are installed on the network properly spaced, so that they remain accessible at all times. Although fire hydrants often remain unused for long periods of time, they must be able to work immediately in case of fire and provide the necessary water flow. Standard connections are necessary for this purpose.

Fire hydrants are exposed to wind, weather and intense UV radiation for years. Therefore, they require the use of high quality materials. Drawing water from hydrants must not cause contamination of drinking water. Fire hydrants are also located in public spaces. With a wide range of products, from classic versions to state-of-the-art models, TALIS offers solutions to meet your needs and preferences in firefighting, while integrating perfectly into the landscape.

In addition to fire hydrants, other TALIS products are used in firefighting, such as shut-off valves in fire sprinkler systems. They of course comply with all applicable standards in force.