Sewage and treatment

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Wastewater main function is to store, carry or purify sewage, industrial wastewater and runoff. Installed valves must meet very specific requirements, depending on the type of wastewater they are in contact with. With its extensive range, TALIS offers a wide selection of products for this market.

Wastewater sector main concern is to prevent water-impermeable clogging. Choosing suitable materials and optimal protection against corrosion play an important role, especially in case of heavily contaminated wastewater. TALIS has demonstrated its know-how by carrying out many projects of this type around the world.

The wastewater intended range is complemented by a variety of products for biogas plants, to which Talis can offer the valve adapted to each situation, depending on the conditions (for example, depending on the pH value, the content in organic acids or temperature).

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