Water transmission

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As a rule, large-scale water transportation systems span hundreds of kilometers and include pipes of a large nominal diameter. These networks often consist of parallel pipelines and continuously guarantee the availability of high quality drinking water to thousands, even millions of households and companies in major cities and urban areas. It is therefore essential to use high-quality products, with proven reliability.

In many of these networks, pumps carry water through the relief or towards water towers.

TALIS offers a wide range of valves for this type of application. Its range extends from butterfly valves to purge valves and air valves for filling and draining pipes, to non-return check valves for pumps.

Regarding water transport, the optimal design of the installation plays a decisive role, as it ensures its reliability and a long service life. In addition, only correct sizing with optimal flow values can ensure economical and long-term operation of the pumps with minimal energy cost. With many years of experience in this field, our project engineers are key interlocutors for networks design.

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