Industrial water applications

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Any industrial production process requires water, which is why available and reliable sources of drinking water, industrial water and cooling water are a decisive economic issue. The same obviously applies to the discharge of industrial wastewater while respecting the environment.

In addition to water, other substances must be safely transported, including:

Chemicals, acids or basic
Fluids containing impurities
Contaminated wash water
Gases such as natural gas, other flue gas or oxygen.

Thanks to the expertise of its various brands, TALIS is able to answer competently and pragmatically to all requests, even the most specific, and offer fully customized solutions that meet the requirements of its customers. This is for example the case for cooling of power plants, which requires large volumes of water. The reliability of the water system is of utmost importance for this type of application. The many systems installed and operating perfectly all over the world demonstrate that TALIS fittings and other equipment meet this requirement.

In this field of application, valves are the essential components designed to withstand high pressures and flow rates. Their development and production require a long experience and strong skills. Shut-off valves and check valves come up with additional safety device, such as to counterweight drives, for example, which guarantee reliable operation, even in the event of a power failure.

Our knowledge of coatings and special materials is just as complete. Thus, our valves can also be safely used in contact with critical substances, such as chemicals, salt water, aggressive gases or abrasives.

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