BAYARD® unveils its new visual identity

BAYARD® , a manufacturer committed to water preservation over a century, changes its visual identity !

This new identity is part of company evolution initiated in recent months, particularly with the acquisition of the Bayard group by the AVK group. Today, it is reflected in the adoption of a new logo and graphic charter.

Answering current and future water market challenges and continuously meeting customer’s needs, BAYARD® has evolved by innovating, investing and diversifying its portfolio of products and services; its branding also did.

This new milestone in the company’s history reaffirms its values, its positioning and the strength of a historic brand.

Starting with a simple signature by Jean-Louis Bayard in 1881, the company has since gone through nine logos.

Today, BAYARD® is proud to present its 10th emblem.

The historic BAYARD® emblem has been enriched with symbols that recall water, a resource as precious as it is fragile, and the people who depend on it. The emblem protects this resource by embracing its shape.

Launching this new logo marks the first step in an overall change of image. The graphic identity will be harmonised and updated on the various supports over the coming months.

These new graphic elements are a continuation of the previous ones, without any rupture :

“Between history and modernity, we are (still)BAYARD®.



A committed French industrial company since 1881, BAYARD® offers to all water market stakeholders, a wide range of products and services for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of water networks. 

The company, whose manufacturing plant and head office are based in Meyzieu, France (69), is committed to maintaining its industrial and social involvement in France, to make the most of its unique expertise in the service of its customers.

Today, BAYARD® manufactures a wide range of valves and fittings for drinking water, raw water, irrigation, wastewater and industrial water. As part of a quality and eco-responsible approach, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through continuous improvement of its processes and actions.



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Communication Officer
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Vincent Rouet
Marketing, communications and sales process Manager
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