World Water Day 2024

The World Water Day, held every year on March 22 since 1993, is a day to raise awareness of the need for sustainable management of water resources.

On March 22, we celebrate World Water Day, a special day for BAYARD®, a major industrial in the water sector.

Because water is scarce and essential, at BAYARD® we strive to develop effective solutions to improve network performance and save water resources:

  • High-quality FML connection valves,
  • MONECA® connected hydrants,
  • Complete high-performance irrigation systems,
  • Intelligent control valves HYDROGÉNIE®,
  • SENTINEL® fixed acoustic correlator

Solutions for :

  • Combat leaks
  • Avoid wastage
  • Measure water withdrawal volumes
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reuse treated wastewater
  • Secure drinking water supplies

Every drop counts, let's preserve our resource!