Universal tapping saddle ROC GT 2 PLUS – Series G1 05

Enables connections on every type of pipes.

PFA 16 
Body: Cast iron
Coating: Epoxy

  • PFA 16
  • Standard or stainless steel bolting
  • Universal wide tolerance tapping saddle, for any type of pipe : PVC-BO, PVC-U, PE, cast iron, steel and asbestos-cement,
  • Connection by tapped boss, in metric sizes:M40X3 (PB: small boss) or M55X3 (GB: large boss).
  • By design, the ROC GT2 saddle is set to the external diameters of plastic pipes, and metal lugs prevent over-tightening. OD
  • If one of the half-flanges is rotated (180°), the metal lugs no longer act, allowing fitting to asbestos-cement, steel and cast iron pipes.

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